Bernedoodle vs Goldendoodle (6 Key Breed Variations)


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Hybrid breeds, often known as “designer” breeds, provide the better of two completely different species of canine.

For instance, in case you have fallen in love with Poodles however need one thing somewhat completely different, you might think about getting a Bernedoodle or a Goldendoodle, two breeds which have been rigorously crossbred with the Poodle to create a complete new sort of canine.

Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles are each fun-loving canine who’re nice with households and different canine. They’re the right addition to any dwelling, supplied you possibly can meet their wants and so they match into your life-style.

However, you might be considering, which Doodle is the only option for you? How are the 2 breeds just like each other, and the way are they completely different?

Bernadoodle vs Goldendoodle

This text will give attention to the massive customary measurement of each hybrid species. Nonetheless, medium and toy (miniature) variations of each the Bernedoodle and the Goldendoodle have gotten fairly fashionable, too.

Hold studying to search out out whether or not the Bernedoodle or the Goldendoodle is the right match to your dwelling and coronary heart!

6 Principal Variations Between Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles

The principle variations between Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles are:

  1. Bernedoodles are massive and heavy-bodied, whereas Goldendoodles are lighter and have a a lot smaller construct.
  2. Bernedoodles’ thick coats are tricolor, whereas Goldendoodles’ lighter coats are available a wide range of cream to fox-red shades.
  3. Bernedoodles solely reside for round 10 years on common, whereas Goldendoodles reside a bit longer at 12 years on common.
  4. Bernedoodles are rather more costly, sometimes costing $2,500 or extra, whereas Goldendoodles are much less dear by comparability and begin at round $500.
  5. Bernedoodles undergo primarily from joint points and most cancers, whereas Goldendoodles undergo primarily from enamel and gum illness.
  6. Bernedoodles are very protecting companion canine, whereas Goldendoodles are extra proud and dependent companion canine.

Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles share lots of of the identical traits, however these few variations make the canine distinctive and really distinct from each other. Learn on as I break down the 2 breeds’ similarities and variations in additional element beneath.

Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles: Introduction

Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles share a standard guardian: Poodles. This makes these hybrid breeds pretty related of their seems (aside from coloring) and their behaviors.

The Bernedoodle has a Bernese Mountain Canine as its different guardian, whereas the Goldendoodle’s different guardian is a Golden Retriever.

Each the Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle are very needy and can undergo from separation anxiousness if left alone for too lengthy.

They’re each extremely smart and extremely trainable canine. Nonetheless, if they don’t have the right coaching and simulation, they are going to be extremely harmful and unmanageable.

Although they’re very massive canine, they will fortunately reside an apartment-type life-style supplied they’re given loads of train a minimum of as soon as a day for half-hour. 

However though these breeds share a variety of similarities, their key variations are necessary to contemplate when deciding which one is best for you.

1. Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles: Measurement

As I discussed above, the frequent guardian between these breeds is the Poodle. Poodles are pretty massive canine. They move on their massive measurement to each of the hybrids comprised of them. Nonetheless, the 2 canine nonetheless differ drastically on this class.


The Bernedoodle’s Bernese Mountain Canine parentage makes them very massive and hulking canine. A Bernedoodle averages 20 to 25 inches in top at their shoulder, and so they sometimes weigh between 55 and 90 kilos!

Usually, females are typically smaller than males in each top and weight. Very massive male Bernedoodles can weigh as much as 120 kilos!


Golden Retrievers are a medium-sized breed. Normal Goldendoodles measure between 18 and 23 inches in top on the shoulders. They weigh on common between 40 and 60 kilos with the very massive males weighing as much as 90 kilos.

Though each breeds are massive canine, there’s a large distinction in measurement between Goldendoodles vs. Bernedoodles.

This must be taken under consideration if you find yourself deciding between the 2 designer breeds, particularly in case you have restricted area to deal with a bigger canine.

2. Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles: Coat

Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles have completely different coat lengths and textures. This immediately influences how a lot effort and time you’ll be placing into grooming every canine breed, so it’s an necessary trait to contemplate.

The 2 breeds’ coats additionally differ in shade. The Bernedoodle’s coat sometimes has the identical number of colours simply in barely completely different group.

The Goldendoodle’s coat, then again, can current in a wide range of colours and should even change shade as they grow old.


When getting a Bernedoodle pet, you already know what to anticipate. They are going to be predominantly black with patches of pure white and auburn typically over their chests and faces.

That is similar to the Bernese Mountain Canine’s tricolor coat. Solely a few generations on will the Bernedoodle have completely different coloring.

The massive distinction in coat texture and thickness between Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles is as a result of Bernedoodle’s Bernese Mountain Canine heritage.

Bernese Mountain Canine have been bred to have very thick coats that would stand up to trekking by snow on a regular basis.

Bernedoodles have a lot thicker coats than Goldendoodles and don’t do properly in heat climate. They are going to undergo and have a shortened lifespan by a number of years if they’re recurrently uncovered to scorching temperatures.

If you happen to reside in a hotter local weather, then a Bernedoodle is certainly not the canine for you!


Goldendoodles’ coats can are available a wide range of colours that hearken again to each their Poodle and Golden Retriever dad and mom. Goldendoodles can come within the ghostly white of the Poodle in addition to all the cream, golden, and fox-red tones of the Golden Retriever.

Nonetheless, Goldendoodles usually would not have chocolate or black coats except they’re bred again with a chocolate or black Poodle in future generations to strengthen the Poodle genes.

3. Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles: Lifespan

All of us need our canine greatest associates to be with us ceaselessly. Sadly, they’ve a lot shorter lifespans than we want.

As medium-to-large canine, each the Bernedoodle and the Goldendoodle have shorter lifespans on common than these of smaller breeds.


Bernedoodles undergo from having Bernese Mountain Canine genes. Partly on account of their massive measurement, Bernese Mountain Canine solely reside for five to 7 years on common. Bernedoodles fare somewhat higher with a median lifespan of 10 years.

Sadly, it is extremely uncommon to discover a Bernedoodle that’s older than 11 or 12 years of age.


Goldendoodles do some higher than Bernedoodles when it comes to lifespan. Goldendoodles will reside for 13 years on common. They’ve their Golden Retriever dad and mom to thank for this, as Goldens reside for 12 to fifteen years on common.

You will need to keep in mind that these canine would not have very lengthy lifespans to start with, and each well being concern, unlucky environmental expertise, and nerve-racking state of affairs will impression how lengthy they finally reside.

4. Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles: Value

The common value of every of those hybrid breeds relies upon closely on their guardian breeds. Bernese Mountain Canine, for instance, are a really costly breed.

Poodles are additionally a really costly breed. Golden Retrievers are simply bred and are usually not notably dear in comparison with different purebred canine. This all impacts the price of the hybrid offspring.


A wholesome, typical Bernedoodle pet can set you again $2,500 or extra! If you happen to reside in an space the place this breed is extra in demand or you’re on the lookout for the miniature variations, this value can go up much more by a number of thousand {dollars}.

Bernedoodles may also value extra throughout their lifetime. They are going to eat extra meals than a Goldendoodle, and they’re going to sometimes require extra specialised veterinary care in the long term.


Goldendoodles are rather more fashionable and are due to this fact being bred extra typically. This lowers their worth, because the demand vs. provide is extra equal. A wholesome, typical Goldendoodle pet will value you round $500.

Bear in mind miniature or big variations will value extra, as extra specialised breeding has gone into producing these canine.

You will need to take into consideration the preliminary value in addition to the associated fee these canine will incur as they develop up and age. Bernedoodles will value you extra money than Goldendoodles from the outset and in the long term.

If you happen to can not commit confidently to the price of their care, then maybe the Goldendoodle is a greater choice financially.

5. Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles: Widespread Well being Points

All breeds have their very own breed-specific well being points that may impression their lifespan and high quality of life total. When breeding canine intensely, these genetic issues can change into concentrated within the offspring.

Generally, it’s all the time greatest to get a primary technology Bernedoodle or Goldendoodle, as they’ve probably the most genetic selection and well being.


Bernedoodles generally undergo from hip and elbow dysplasia as they’re very massive canine. Each Poodles and Bernese Mountain Canine undergo from this subject, and it appears to be compounded when the 2 breeds are blended right into a single bundle.

Most sadly, Bernedoodles additionally typically undergo from most cancers. This comes from their Bernese Mountain Canine heritage.

50% of all Bernese Mountain Canine die of some type of most cancers. Whereas this share isn’t as excessive in Bernedoodles, it’s nonetheless increased than most different canine breeds.


Goldendoodles mainly undergo from their Golden Retriever-derived dental points. Specifically, they undergo from enamel and gum illnesses, and a variety of consideration must be paid to their mouths to maintain them clear and wholesome.

Their enamel have to be brushed as soon as every week, and common vet visits are obligatory.

Goldendoodles may undergo from hip and elbow dysplasia due to their Poodle genetics. Nonetheless, this isn’t all the time a given, and offering them with dietary supplements and the proper food regimen can go a protracted technique to stopping this all collectively.

6. Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles: Temperament

Realizing how your canine will behave based mostly on their breed as an grownup is important earlier than setting your coronary heart on one breed or one other.

Temperaments are usually not set in stone for canine breeds and fluctuate considerably from particular person canine to canine based mostly on their particular genetics, upbringing, setting, and many others. Nonetheless, sure breeds are nonetheless barely predisposed to behave a sure manner.


Bernedoodles are extremely protecting canine and love being round young children. These canine will fortunately curl up subsequent to a small human and spend hours being cuddled and liked on.

They’re additionally fun-loving canine and luxuriate in run round outdoors, supplied that it’s chilly sufficient. Keep in mind, if the climate is just too heat, they may undergo from heatstroke and die, so making certain they keep cool and cozy when outside is a should.


Goldendoodles are very proud canine and luxuriate in being in a household setting. Nonetheless, their Poodle nature typically peeks by, and they are often considerably aloof at instances and never keen to be climbed throughout by small people as a lot as a Bernedoodle tolerates.

They’re usually thought of to be a bit extra reserved and fewer outgoing than Bernedoodles, although once more, this may fluctuate from canine to canine.

It’s additionally necessary to notice that Goldendoodles have a double-whammy of searching and retrieving genetics of their our bodies. This implies they may choose up, destroy, and transfer your issues across the dwelling except they’re educated to not from an early age.

FAQs About Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles

Are Bernedoodles or Goldendoodles simpler to groom?

Bernedoodles and Goldendoodles each have the useful coat of their Poodle guardian. This implies they’re principally hypoallergenic and barely shed in any respect!

The shedding that does occur could be very mild and seasonal, and Bernedoodles will shed greater than Goldendoodles.

Nonetheless, simply because they don’t shed that a lot doesn’t imply you possibly can slack on their grooming routine.

Each breeds nonetheless have to be brushed a minimum of twice every week to stop their coats from creating compacted mats, which might pull on and irritate the canine’s pores and skin.

General, they’re just about equal of their grooming wants and the trouble it’ll take you to groom them.

The place do Poodles come from?

Poodles initially come from Germany. They have been initially bred as duck searching canine. Hunters would typically deliver them alongside when searching waterfowl. The Poodles would flush out recreation for his or her homeowners and chase them down.

Their tall and slender builds helped them run shortly and see over underbrush to expertly spot prey from a distance.

The place do Bernese Mountain Canine come from?

Bernese Mountain Canine initially come from Switzerland. They have been initially bred as working canine capable of reside within the freezing snowy mountains.

Nonetheless, they weren’t solely saved as working canine. They have been additionally the loyal, loving companions of households as soon as their 9 to five job was executed!

The place do Golden Retrievers come from?

Golden Retrievers initially come from the Scottish Highlands. They have been bred as gun canine. They might tag together with their homeowners on hunts for birds and small recreation and punctiliously acquire (or retrieve) the animal as soon as it was shot.

Their mouths have been bred to be very massive and tender so they didn’t harm the prey merchandise after they retrieved it.

Rolling Over On Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles…

Reviewing the variations between Bernedoodles vs. Goldendoodles reveals that each hybrid species are loveable teddy bears that can dedicate their lives to you.

Neither breed is essentially higher than the opposite–they merely go well with barely completely different existence and preferences. The canine’ variations can principally be attributed to selective breeding and their respective guardian breeds.

Let’s recap the 6 important variations between Goldendoodle vs. Bernedoodles it is best to think about when choosing the proper breed for you:

  • Measurement
  • Coat shade and sort/texture
  • Common lifespan
  • Preliminary and maintenance prices
  • Widespread well being considerations
  • Temperament and trainability

After you have matched your life-style and preferences to the canine that fits it greatest, you’re in your technique to having a loyal, loving companion that matches completely into your coronary heart and residential!

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