Cutting down on inflammatory foods can help ease pesky allergies


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Are your allergies making you miserable?

Do you suffer from constant sneezing, congestion, itchy and watery eyes and a runny nose?

Medications, both prescription and over the counter, are important in treating allergies, but what you eat can also make a big difference in the severity of your symptoms.

Cutting down on inflammatory foods and increasing your intake of anti-inflammatory foods can help ease discomfort.

Inflammatory foods include highly-processed items such as foods with added sugar, refined carbohydrates such as white bread and white pasta, pastries and sweets, fried foods, sodas, and processed meats such as hot dogs and sausage.

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Anti-inflammatory foods are mostly plant-based foods such as nuts, fruits and vegetables and legumes.

Fatty fish, as well as nuts, seeds and yogurt also help fight inflammation.

Many of these anti-inflammatory foods also inhibit histamine release. Histamines are often a major culprit in causing allergy symptoms.

Let’s take a look at some specific substances in foods that can help fight allergies.

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