Postnasal Drip: Signs, Causes, and Remedy


Postnasal drip happens when your physique produces an excessive amount of mucus. This mucus then drips down the again of your nostril and collect in your throat.

This could trigger continual coughing or throat clearing, and produces a dry, sore throat.

Having mucus at the back of your throat is regular. The glands in your nostril and throat produce about  1–2 quarts of mucus per day. This course of works to moisten and clear your nasal lining, and lure what’s inhaled to guard your lungs from particles and an infection.

The method of mucus draining down your throat often happens with out your data. Nevertheless, it turns into an issue when your physique produces extra mucus than it wants.

Postnasal drip can happen as a symptom of many sorts of situations. Discovering the supply of the issue can assist establish the correct therapy.

This text explains the widespread signs of postnasal drip. It additionally covers causes, how they’re handled, and when you need to search medical recommendation.

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Signs of Postnasal Drip

Postnasal drip outcomes when you will have extra mucus manufacturing in your nostril or sinuses. This causes the mucus to build up behind your throat. The situation triggers a set of reactions that trigger irritation and discomfort.

Frequent signs of postnasal drip embrace:

  • A sense of mucus dripping down the again of your throat
  • Frequent swallowing
  • Throat clearing
  • Garbled or hoarse speech
  • Dry, sore throat
  • The feeling of a lump at the back of your throat
  • Swelling of the tonsils or different throat tissue

Along with having extra mucus, the standard of your mucus might change with postnasal drip. As an example, mucus that’s thicker than traditional can add to the discomfort of getting a better than regular amount of the substance.

Signs of Postnasal Drip in Youngsters

Youngsters with signs of postnasal drip accompanied by thick or foul-smelling liquid from one aspect of the nostril might have a overseas object caught of their nostril. Frequent objects like a bean, coin, paper, or small toy can develop into lodged within the nostrils and intervene with regular respiratory. In case your youngster has these signs, search speedy medical care.

Causes of Postnasal Drip

Postnasal drip typically happens as a symptom of one other acute or continual well being situation. It could possibly additionally end result from structural abnormalities of your sinuses and nostril. Usually, figuring out and treating the underlying reason behind postnasal drip resolves the issue. Listed below are widespread causes of postnasal drip:

Allergy symptoms

Your physique triggers an allergic response when it turns into hypersensitive to a selected substance, referred to as an allergen. While you encounter an allergen, your immune system overreacts. It triggers the overproduction of antibodies to guard you from perceived hurt.

This causes your physique to supply additional mucus to get rid of the overseas substance. The mucus additionally modifications from its usually skinny and pale consistency right into a thicker, generally yellowish, liquid.

Postnasal drip linked to allergic reactions often happens as a symptom of hay fever, or allergic rhinitis. This situation is commonly accompanied by a stuffy, runny nostril, and itchy eyes. The situation may be triggered by seasonal or perennial allergens. Examples of those allergens embrace:


Sinus infections, or sinusitis, are a typical reason behind postnasal drip. This situation causes an irritation of the sinuses, that are air-filled cavities within the face. A sinus an infection is often attributable to a virus, although it could possibly additionally end result from micro organism.

The germs that set off sinusitis or an an infection of the mucous membranes of the nostril and airway may cause irritation and swelling. The swelling traps the thicker, diseased mucus within the sinuses and pathways from the nostril to the throat, the place it could possibly trigger extra mucus manufacturing and irritation.

Acid reflux disease

Gastroesophageal reflux illness (GERD), or acid reflux disorder, can also be linked to postnasal drip. It happens when abdomen acid backs up into the esophagus. The contents of the abdomen acid may cause irritation and injury the respiratory tract or esophagus.

GERD is worse while you lie down. This place makes it simpler for the acid to return to the esophagus and into the again of the throat. When this happens, signs of postnasal drip, together with coughing, hoarseness, and throat irritation, can worsen.

Dysphagia in GERD

Issue swallowing, or dysphagia, happens when meals would not cross from the mouth to the abdomen usually. Should you expertise a sense of meals getting caught in your esophagus, search speedy medical consideration. When sufficient meals and abdomen acid develop into lodged within the esophagus, there’s a danger of the substances touring into the lungs. This could trigger pneumonia and respiratory failure, which may be deadly.

What Medicines Can Trigger Postnasal Drip?

Sure drugs may cause or irritate nasal signs, which might result in postnasal drip. These drugs embrace:

Altering Medicines

Should you suppose your postnasal drip could also be attributable to a prescribed treatment, contact your healthcare supplier to debate options. By no means discontinue or change drugs with out medical recommendation.

The right way to Deal with Postnasal Drip

Remedy for postnasal drip varies based mostly on the underlying reason behind the issue. Your healthcare supplier can decide probably the most applicable therapy based mostly in your age, medical historical past, present situation, and different signs.

Remedy for Postnasal Drip Brought on by Allergy symptoms

Relying on the severity of your signs, you might be able to deal with postnasal drip attributable to allergic reactions by yourself. If you’re taking prescription drugs, examine together with your healthcare supplier earlier than utilizing any new over-the-counter drugs to make sure they will not trigger an interplay.

The next remedies might assist enhance signs of postnasal drip attributable to allergic reactions:

Remedy for Postnasal Drip Brought on by Infections

Remedy for postnasal drip attributable to an an infection depends upon the kind of germs affecting you. Your healthcare supplier can decide whether or not your an infection is attributable to micro organism, fungi, or a virus.

Bacterial infections often require therapy with a prescription antibiotic. Signs of all sorts of infections might enhance with the next remedies:

  • Utilizing decongestants
  • Taking mucus-thinning drugs like Mucinex (guaifenesin)
  • Utilizing nonprescription saline nasal spray
  • Utilizing a nasal irrigation system, akin to a neti pot, to flush mucus and germs out of sinuses
  • Ingesting extra water to assist skinny out thick mucous
  • Avoiding caffeine and diuretics to stop the removing of fluid out of your physique
  • Utilizing a humidifier to extend moisture within the air

Remedy for Postnasal Drip Brought on by Acid Reflux

Treating postnasal drip attributable to acid reflux disorder requires treating the digestive situation itself. The next remedies might present aid:

Remedy for Postnasal Drip Brought on by Structural Abnormalities

When postnasal drip persists and would not enhance with therapy, your situation could also be associated to a structural abnormality in your airway. On this case, surgical intervention could also be suggested to appropriate the issue and deal with your postnasal drip.

Frequent sorts of surgical procedure for postnasal drip embrace:

Issues and Danger Elements Related to Postnasal Drip

Postnasal drip often is not harmful. Nevertheless, the discomfort and irritation attributable to signs might disrupt your sleep and intervene together with your skill to eat a nutritious diet.

In some instances, postnasal drip could also be a symptom of nasal polyps. These growths develop when the mucous membranes within the nasal passages and sinuses stay infected.

Having a number of of the next traits will increase your danger of growing postnasal drip:

  • Acid reflux disease
  • Superior age
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Chilly or an infection
  • Publicity to environmental irritants
  • Being pregnant
  • Reliance on drugs recognized to extend postnasal drip
  • Sinusitis
  • Smoking and publicity to secondhand smoke
  • Structural abnormalities in your airway
  • Weakened immune system

Are There Checks to Diagnose Postnasal Drip?

Diagnosing postnasal drip often begins with a whole bodily examination, together with medical historical past, to find out the reason for your signs.

Further diagnostic assessments used to find out the reason for postnasal drip might embrace:

When to See a Healthcare Supplier

Contact your healthcare supplier in case you have indicators of postnasal drip and/or any of the next signs:

  • Bloody mucus
  • Foul-smelling mucus
  • Excessive fever
  • Intense facial ache or stress
  • Neck stiffness
  • Swelling or redness round one or each eyes
  • Signs that do not enhance with therapy
  • Bother pondering
  • Imaginative and prescient modifications
  • Wheezing or shortness of breath


Postnasal drip may cause a continual dry, sore throat with frequent coughing or throat clearing. It could possibly make you’re feeling like there’s a fixed drip behind your throat.

The discomfort that outcomes could make it laborious to get high quality sleep, which might have an effect on your well being and well-being. The continual sore throat can even make you irritable and unable to eat the correct meals.

Postnasal drip happens as a symptom of allergic reactions and different continual well being issues. Discovering and treating the underlying downside can typically enhance your throat and nasal signs. Residence cures and pharmaceuticals can even present aid.

When medication and different remedies do not assist, surgical procedure could also be suggested. The kind of surgical procedure used depends upon the issue that must be mounted.

A Phrase From Verywell

Postnasal drip could make you uncomfortable in the course of the day and stressed at evening. It could possibly result in irritability and frustration, as effectively.

Searching for an correct prognosis is step one towards reaching aid out of your signs. Your healthcare supplier can decide whether or not your signs are associated to an allergy, continual well being situation, or bodily abnormality. Primarily based in your prognosis, they will advise the correct therapies to your signs.

Confirmed remedies for postnasal drip could make a big distinction in the way in which you’re feeling in the course of the day and the remaining you get at evening.

Steadily Requested Questions

  • Can I deal with postnasal drip with dwelling cures?

    Many individuals achieve treating submit nasal drip with dwelling cures. Nevertheless, in case your postnasal drip persists regardless of therapy, you need to seek the advice of your healthcare supplier. You also needs to search medical recommendation earlier than beginning dwelling cures when you’re at a complicated age, take prescription treatment or have an underlying well being situation.

  • What signs point out that my postnasal drip wants medical consideration?

    Contact your medical supplier in case you have signs of postnasal drip accompanied by indicators of an infection. This could embrace a excessive fever, nausea, or foul-smelling mucus. Different signs, akin to a stiff neck, intense facial stress, or bother pondering or seeing, additionally require medical consideration.

  • Why is consuming water essential to alleviate postnasal drip?

    Staying hydrated is a vital a part of treating postnasal drip. Water helps to skinny mucus thickened by an infection. It could possibly additionally assist maintain a sore throat moistened and relieve the dripping feeling at the back of your throat.

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